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At Performance Studios we take great pride in our abilities and expertise to assist you with any of your cosmetics, costumes and accessories needs.  Look for any of our Staff members below and learn who can best serve you.

Anita Martin - Cashier Anna Lane - Costume Rental Charles Tubbs - Wigs & Cosmetics Dora Carey - Laundress
Ginger Cooper - Seamstress John Jackson - Masks, Props & Display Mark Lynn - Coordinator Melissa Baucom - Rentals
Michael Hunter - Merchandising Rufus Trigg - Cosmetics Vera Lane - Costumes Glenn Alexander
      Gary Broadrick
Anita Martin: With the company since January 2003, Anita is the lady you see always at the front counter, ready to take your money. She is usually the first person you see when you come in and the last one you see when you leave. 


Dora Carey: Dora has been hanging out since the end of 2008. She is one of those employees that came to work with the company  during the Halloween Season doing whatever needed to be done and never left. She is primarily at the washing machine.  Washing, drying, steaming, ironing.... she is instrumental in keeping  the rental stock looking  fresh and appealing. If Dora cannot get the stain out, then you can be assured that the stain is not coming out. We call her the "laundress expertessa".

Ginger Cooper:  A newer addition to the staff.  You usually see her in the sewing room being creative and "figuring it out". After her children grew up and left home she decided to use that "mama knowledge" she developed from school theatre and put it to use at Performance Studios.  She came to help out Halloween 2013 and just never left.

Mark Lynn:  Mark has been with the company since 2009.  During that time has learned "where things are". He has been working in theatre in Middle Tennessee his entire adult life so his knowledge of characters for various shows is extensive. He is the one to ask: "Does this look good on me?" If it does, he will tell you; if it does not, he will tell you.

Melissa Baucom:  Melissa is another  of those employees that came to work seasonal during Halloween (2012) and just never left. Two years later she is still in the rental department helping customers put together that "special look".  Her obsession with organization is evident when working with customers and they are trying to get it "just right". It helps when organizing drawers too.

Rufus Trigg:  Rufus began with Performance Studios IN 1991 as a hair stylists and kept that division of the company going for eight years. He then moved into the makeup area to expand his knowledge of the industry and did "everything" around the store for the next four years.  After moving to Savannah and working in a huge costume store in that area while honing his makeup skills for two years, he moved back home.  Rufus is a "fixture" at Performance Studios and pretty much been with the company from the beginning. You see him floating around in the wig area and makeup area or maybe even outside unloading or loading costumes for a show. 

Glenn Alexander: Glenn Joined the company in 1996 and learned the costuming industry from the ground up assisting in the growth of the company into what you see today.  You often see Glenn at the front counter doing what it takes to get merchandise out on the floor for retail.  What you do not see is Glenn creating purchase orders for all the merchandise that fills the 11,000 square foot retail space.  Nor do you see him tirelessly searching for items to keep the 7,000 square feet of rental space flowing with stock.  He is also proficient with a vacuum and the washing machine.  Glenn is also the co-chair of the National Costumers Association's Buying Group, an organization of costume industry entities that is comprised of vendors and retailers that keep the industry thriving.

Anna Lane: Manager of the Costume Rental Department. Anna has been with the company since September of 2007. She is the one that can tell you which school or organization is doing what theatrical production.  She, with her "notebook" keeps it flowing.  She knows every piece of rental stock that comprises the 7000 square feet of space, which is nothing short of amazing since there are over 30,000 pieces of rental stock to choose from.  When you are ready to begin costuming your production, Anna is the first person you will talk to and get the ball rolling.

Charles Tubbs: Charles has been with Performance Studios since 2003, devoting himself to creating and maintaining extraordinary wigs and consulting with customers about their makeup choices: beauty and special effects.  Charles is the guy that you see "running around" the store making sure the lady has on the correct color of foundation and that her blush does not look crazy. Want an expert: ask Charles.

John Jackson: Not the typical "wig counter" person but that's how it all started during Halloween of 2009 at the Church Street location. When the move to Thompson Lane started, John "jumped in" and rocked it. Now you find him doing everything from building shelves and wooden racks to decorating the store for "the" occasion, to "taking care" of the Halloween room. Need a mask?  Need to know which Michael Myers goes with what Halloween movie?  John's your "go to" guy.   And, yes, he can still help you with your wig.

Michael Hunter:  Michael is the guy with the tattoos at the front counter that you see as soon as you walk in the door. He has been pricing and placing retail merchandise for since 2008. You will think sometimes that the pricing gun is permanently attached to his hand.    When you come in and you are looking for something specific: ask Michael: if it sells, he will know where it is or find someone that does.

Vera Lane:  The employee with the longest consecutive employment, Vera has been with Performance Studios sine 1995 non-stop. You don't see her too much because she is in the sewing room most of the day. If you need to rent an Easter Bunny or a Santa Clause, she is the one to talk to.  She spends her day cleaning accessories, repairing anything and everything, building new rental items, cleaning and repairing mascots for local businesses, ironing, steaming costumes, fixing lunch for the entire staff during Halloween and other "busy" days and etc.... If it sounds like her days are full, keep in mind that if she can't find anything else to do she is gluing flowers on a hat. If you are wondering: Yes, fellow employee Anna Lane is her daughter.

Gary Broadrick:  Gary joined Performance Inc in 1991. His efforts built Performance Studios into the established entity that it has become.  With a background in theatre and dance, Gary put years of effort into building an outstanding reputation for the company as well as establishing himself as an industry leader.  You will find Gary anywhere in the store doing anything that needs to be done.  His main focus is taking care of the "business" of the company so most of the time you find him in the office.  Gary is also the co-chair of the National Costumers Association's Buying Group and a former president of that trade association.  The trade association (NCA) is an international organization that drives the success of the costuming and Halloween industry.



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