With over 25,000 costumes and wardrobe pieces, Performance Studios can outfit your costume needs. From the basic Halloween costume to a fully designed and executed wardrobe from commercials to motion pictures, our costumers have over 50 years of experience that will only mean success for your special character, or needs.


Performance can supply costumes from Biblical times through 1980.  Some of these costumes include:

  • Clowns

  • Pirates

  • Medieval

  • Colonial

  • Clerical

  • Poodle Skirts

  • Roman Soldiers

  • Rock and Roll

  • Oriental

  • Patriotic

  • Saloon Girls & Men’s Old Western

  • Animal mascots

  • Wizard of OZ characters

  • Cave People

  • Greek Togas

  • French & English Maids

  • Spanish and Calypso

  • Fancy Gowns & dresses

  • Showgirl Costumes

  • Southern Belles & Gentlemen

  • Harem Girls /Genies

Costumes for all occasions:
  • Murder Mysteries

  • Weddings

  • School Productions

  • Church Productions

  • All holidays

  • Vacation Bible Schools

  • Historical Re-enactments

  • Mardi Gras


You can select costumes from Rental or Retail,

including a full line of costume accessories.
Props for indoor and outdoor use available, too!


If you are having difficultly in deciding which costume to choose for your event here are some theme ideas for singles, couples and groups. There is a full list at the store but this will help you get started:

Ninja, Pop Star, Hercules, Priest, Leprechaun, Safari/Explorer, Egyptian Gods, Gladiator, Biker, Wizard, Firefighter, Playing card, Jester, Convict, Cowboy, Genie.
Couples: Groups:
Tarzan & Jane Wizard of Oz Dorothy, Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man, Wizard, Glenda.
Uncle Sam & Statue of Liberty CircusRing master, Trapeze Artist, Performers, Strong man, Lion Tamer
Sultan & Belly Dancer Silver ScreenMarilyn Monroe, W.C Fields, Mae West, Groucho Marks.
Straight Jacket & nurse EgyptianCleopatra, King Tut, Egyptian Slaves, Mummy,    Archeologist.
Movie Director & Movie Star The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.
Captain Kirk & Alien Woman  
Samurai & Geisha Girl